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Date of Issue: August 17,1998 Affected Publication: API Recommended Practice 500,Recommended Practicefor ClassiJcationo Locationsfor Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities ClassiJed as fClass I, Division 1and Division 2,2nd Edition, November 1997

Copyright American Petroleum Institute Reproduced by IHS under license with API


ERRATAThefollowing$gures are replaced by the next three pages: Page 79, Figure 90 Page 80, Figure 91 and Page 81, Figure 92.

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Vent outlet for free flow of high velocity vapor mixtures. Vent outlet for passage of large amountof vapor. Air or inert gas mixtures during cargo loading, and ballasting or during discharge. Also for vent outlet for cargo pressurelvacuum valve.

of section 12.5

cent spaces must t therequirements of

immediately above, below, or next to a cargo tank Special Division 1 (See Section 11.6.1)

Division 1

Division 2

1. 2. 3.

This area classified due to proximity to cargo tanks.Areas more than 3m(l0') above the weatherdeck are unclassified except as required by this document for production equipment contained therein. Space must be: a) b) c) continuously ventilated at 2 2 0air changes per hour, and loss of ventilation must be alarmed in a manned space, and combustible gas detection must be installed in accordance with section 6.5.2 .

or, If ventilated e20 air changesper hour, loss of ventilation is not alarmed, or gas detectors are not installed, then the space is classified a special Division 1 location. 4.

All spaces are subject to the adjacent spacerequirements of section 12.5. Cargo is defined as a flammable gas or vapor or flammable or combustible liquid with a flashpoint below 6OoC(14O0F)

Figure 90-Typical

Floating Production Storage...
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