Apple, the technology fruit

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Apple is a company which is dedicated to produce technologic gadgets, besides software, which is based in the correct working of the gadgets that it produces, into thesoftware that is produced by Apple, there is the MAC OS, an Operative System that is considerate one of the most stable and fast operative systems, the iTunes, a software used to buy and synchronize themusic into portable players, made by the Company.
Apple started when Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak met in 1971, because of a common friend called Bill Fernandez, Wozniak wanted to buy his owncomputer, so he tried constantly until he succeeded creating the Apple I computer, that he began to promotion it in order to make it a business.
So that way, the early Apple began to receive requests ofcomputers, they sold almost 200 computers of the reference Apple I, the founder then, began to look for funding, and Jobs met Mike Markkula, who invested USD 250.000, so that way they officially foundedApple Computer with a signed contract.
With the profits that the Apple I left, Steve Jobs and Wozniak began to design the Apple II, that had a special feature: the user could buy expansion packs thathe adapted to the computer according to his needs, and a new video memory was included in it. In 1976 Apple participated in the Personal Computing Festival In which Jobs and Wozniak met the ProcessorTechnology founders and their computer: Sol , that was different, because in almost every computer, the user had to install plates in order to make them work, the Sol computer had the alternative forthe user to buy it fully built, so Jobs thought that they should build their computers like the Sol, so the Apple II, that had not been launched yet, was built like an all-in-one computer, that forthe time in which it was launched, was an important breakthrough, and it was the starting of the computers as we know them today.
With the Apple II came Visicalc, the first spreadsheet software in...
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