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"We are supposed to be getting the farm spic-and-span", se puede traducir por "Esperan que dejemos la granja límpisima".

La utilización de "getting" después del "to be" no tiene unaexplicación lógica, simplemente es así la estructura. Igual que se dice: "I'm looking forward to hearing (y no se dice "hear") from you."

Si quieres poner "get" hay que omitir el "to be". 

Seríaasí: We are supposed to get (sin "to be") 

"To be supposed to" se puede traducir de varias formas:

1.Deber (tener la responsabilidad de)

Ej: He was supposed to finish his job yesterday, andhe hasn't done it yet. Debería haber terminado su trabajo ayer y aún no lo ha hecho.

2. Esperarse

Ej. She was supposed to come at 3pm but she hasn't arrived yet. Se esperaba que llegase a las3pm, pero aún no ha llegado.

- Suponerse
Ej. He is supposed to be in Paris today but he's actually here. Se supone que está en París, pero realmente está aquí.

Espero que te sirva.

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| | | | Sanmati Pragya from India writes:Hi! I’m an Indian citizen living in America. Here peopleuse suppose and supposed to a lot of the time in conversation. Can you please tell me in which sense and where they should be used? | | |

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| Roger Woodham replies: | |

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| | |Suppose and supposed to are used very frequently in British English too. We shall see that suppose has a number of different meanings and uses and that supposed to is different againfrom suppose.suppose = think/believe/imagine/expectIn this sense, suppose is often used in requests with negative structures when we hope the answer will be positive:I don’t suppose you could lend me your dinner jacket,could you? ~ Sure! When do you need it?I suppose it’s too late to see the doctor now, isn’t it? ~ Hold on. Let me see if I can fit you in.I don’t suppose I could see the doctor now, could I?~ I...
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