Aprender un nuevo idioma

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  • Publicado : 27 de enero de 2012
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Ability of learning a new language

The people always says that children and young persons have more facility to learn a new idiom. It is believed that they have a skill which the adults lack toadvance rapidly in this learning. Most people says that the fast learning of a new idiom is an ability that children and young people have and this gift is getting lost with the passage of time.The true is that the only reason for wich one person lost the skill of to do something is when it becomes something different to the skill that wants to get improved or when it becomes nothing at alland one stops practising the skill learning.

When the families composed by adults and children or young persons change of country, where one speaks a language different from the motherly, generallyit seems that the boys learn the local language faster than their parents. In only a few months the boys are listened more fluids in the new language, whereas their parents still continue fighting tounderstand those simple phrases or sentences of the language in this new country.
The idea of that the boys have a brain better gifted than the adults for the learning of a new language is a myth.In the early 80's, was issued a result of two parallel studies at the University of Canterbury Great Britain, which are related to thecontrolled exposure of children and adults in learning a newlanguage. This means that the progress made ​​by adults as by children and young people in learning a second language wasmeasured and compared with the exposure time that both groups had the secondlanguage studied.

The results were simply fascinating. One thought that hour per hour the adults learn a foreign language more rapid than the children and young people. If a boy is exposed for 20 hours toa new language, and his father is exposed by the same time, to the same language, after 20 hours the father knows more of the new language than what the boy knows. Hence one concludes that the...
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