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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Communication between the creatures of nature has been a source of multiple research whose results have fascinated both to specialists as to lay, and the case of the elephants is no exception.

Isa cloudy afternoon of July in the National Park Etosha, in northern Namibia, in Africa, and Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell, associated researcher at the Stanford University School of medicine observes thehorizon in search of elephants.

She is part of a group working since two decades to prove the theory that elephants communicate among themselves over huge distances using low frequency sounds,barely audible to the human ear, produced by the vibration of the ground passing, known as "seismic signals" that can be interpreted through their legs and hornshighly sensitive to the effect.Scientists know long seismic communication, which is common in small animals, including Scorpions, spiders and small vertebrates, as well as in some marine species, however the researcher was the first tosuggest that major, like the elephants animals, are able to communicate also with this method.

"Have become much research showing that small animals used seismic signals to find a partner, locateprey and establish territories, but there are only a few focused on the ability of large mammals to communicate through the soil," said the specialist.

His research caught the attention of theinternational media produced by the December 26, 2004 Asian tsunami disaster, due to reports that elephants trained in Thailand had shown signs of agitation and previously fled towards land high, savingtheir lives and, incidentally, of tourists who rode them.

Due to tsunamis, as well as terrestrial movements, generate low frequency waves, or ' Richard-Rodwell and other elephant experts began toexplore the possibility of the pachyderms Thais responded in this way to the disaster.

According to the studious, "elephants have the ability to perceive the environment much better than you...