Arbor peakflow sp

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  • Publicado : 4 de noviembre de 2011
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Arbor Peakflow SP

Threat Management System

The Arbor Peakflow SP Threat Management System (“TMS”) is the acknowledged leader in DDoS prevention. Today, more ISPs choose TMS to protectcritical infrastructure and deliver managed security services than any other solution.

Key Features and Benefits
Surgical Mitigation Automatically remove only the attack traffic withoutinterrupting the flow of legitimate business traffic. Unified Command and Control of 2 Tb of Global Mitigation Scale DDoS defenses to an unprecedented level. Deploy up to 2 terabits ofaggregate, centrally managed mitigation capacity. Managed Services Enabler Leverage the same Arbor Peakflow SP platform used for infrastructure visibility and security to deliver differentiated,profitable and managed security services (e.g., DDoS protection services). Service Protection and Application Intelligence Maintain service levels of your most important applications.Monitor performance and protect applications from targeted attacks. Flexible Deployment Deploy application-layer intelligence, threat detection and surgical mitigation in different portions ofyour network for infrastructure protection and profitable managed services. Deploy TMS as part of Peakflow SP or in stand-alone mode.

Arbor Peakflow SP Provides Carrier-Class ThreatManagement
The Arbor Peakflow SP solution (“Peakflow SP”) is a security platform that enables ISPs, hosting providers and large enterprises to meet the DDoS challenge. As the first system toextensively integrate network-wide intelligence and carrier-class threat management, Peakflow SP identifies and stops network and application-layer attacks without interrupting the flow oflegitimate traffic. In addition, it provides ISPs and Internet hosting providers with a scalable and cost-effective means to offer in-cloud, managed DDoS protection services to their customers.