Are we too dependent on computers?

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Are We Too Dependent on Computers?

A story in the country of Argentina tells of a teenager who is confined to a hospital drug-dependency for abusing the use of the computer. This addiction has itsince he was nine. So far, the young man is not allowed access to a computer and is under a strict supervision so that he can not escape from the hospital. Although this is a very extreme case is anexample of how dependent we become on computers. In a few years computers have become an integral part of our lives, greatly influencing the social development of mankind. With the passage of thetime the dependence of people with computers will bring about positive consequences in the fields of business, medicine and science, and education which far outweigh the negative consequences.Excessive computer use undeniably brings many benefits to human life. However, as we all know, everything in excess causes harm, except that sometimes we don’t realize it. One of the negative effects thatexcessive use causes is health problems, some of which may include frequent headaches. Using computers excessively slowly but surely makes people dependent till the point that people become lazy, bothphysically and mentally. Also, it is considerably easy to rob someone’s identity through computers. Using the Internet, it is possible to access virtually any type of information. Total dependencyon computers can also cause the loss of the ability to interact personally with other people.
On the other hand, Internet can also be very helpful. Countless businesses have been founded bothlocally and internationally. Personal businesses increment the usefulness of the people involved. Using computers, calculations can be made and it is easier to manage businesses. The business of groupefforts has incremented in the last two years. This type of business is oriented based on documents that can only be managed through computers. In these businesses, everyone works by themselves, and...
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