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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2011
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10 tips for landscape architecture

Use a local problem to invent a generic solution
Though landscape architecture tends to be a custom job, it can still offersolutions for footloose phenomena


Dordrecht power line park

> Dordrecht plan area

> Urban power lines in the Netherlands

> Urban power lines in the Netherlands


>Limitations for the plan area

> Proposal for planted power lines in urban areas

Use a global challenge to solve a local problem
Global problems can have a major in uence on landscapedesign


> Palm oil plant in Sumatra

> Tropical forest is replaced by elds of palms

> Field of poplars in Almere

> Pampushout 2010

> Pampushout in 2010

> Pampushout in 2020 > Pampushout in 2030

> Food-core

> Rausch-core

> Wood-core

Think big in small scale projects
Design solutions often emerge in the bigger picture

Tilburg Meijerijbaanbrug

> The Wilhelminavaart seen from the Meijerijbaan bridge

> The Meijerijbaanbridge has lost its current purpose

> Existing situation

> Proposal for the new situation: bridge, routingand landscape

> Proposal for the new bridge

> Proposal for the new bridge

Think small and simple in large scale projects
On large scale and long term, it’s hardly possible to foreseethe results of a design intervention. Still it’s vital to show how the future might look like


> The delta before the disaster in 1953

> The Delta Plan to secure the delta

>The delta now

> Masterplan for the Grevelingen

> Eco-resort and tidal bath

> Island in splendid isolation

Design total landscapes
If possible, ‘total design’ is very powerful ancan overcome apparent contradictions



> Sintra is located between Lisbon and a National Park

> Sintra vs. Lisbon

> One park to withstand the urban sprawl

> Inner...
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