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ENetwork Basic Configuration PT Practice SBA
A few things to keep in mind while completing this activity:
1.     Do not use the browser Back button or close or reload any Exam windows during theexam.
2.     Do not close Packet Tracer when you are done. It will close automatically.
3.     Click the Submit Assessment button to submit your work.
In this practice Packet TracerSkills Exam, you will:
* design and implement an addressing scheme to meet stated requirements
* configure, verify, and troubleshoot connectivity between all devices in the network
Device | Interface | Address | Subnet Mask | Default Gateway |
HQ | Fa0/0 |  |  | n/a |
| Fa0/1 | | | n/a |
S2 | VLAN1 | | | |
NetAdmin | NIC |  |  | |
H1 | NIC | preconfigured | preconfigured | preconfigured |
NOTE: The initial network hassome errors. To aid in configuring and verifying the devices as well as troubleshooting the existing errors, use a printed version of these instructions to fill in the missing address information in thetable during Step 1.
Step 1: Determine the IP Addressing Scheme.
Design an addressing scheme and fill in the Addressing Table based on the following requirements:
a.     Subnet the address space10.10.10.0/24 to provide 40 host addresses for LAN 1 while wasting the least amount of address space.
b.    Assign the first available subnet to LAN 1.
c.     Assign the lowest (first) host addressin this subnet to the Fa0/0 interface on HQ.
d.    Assign the second address in this subnet to the VLAN 1 interface on S2.
e.     Assign the highest (last) host IP address in this subnet toNetAdmin.

Step 2: Configure HQ.
a.     Configure HQ with these basic parameters:
         Use HQ as the router name.
         Use class as the encrypted password for privileged EXEC mode....
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