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  [pic][pic][pic] /əˈroʊ[pic]bə; Sp. and Port. ɑrˈrɔ[pic]bɑ/ [pic]Show Spelled[uh-roh-buh; Sp. and Port. ahr-raw-bah] [pic]Show IPA
–noun, plural -bas [pic][pic][pic] /-bəz; Sp.and Port. -bɑs/ [pic]Show Spelled[-buh[pic]z; Sp. and Port. -bahs] [pic]Show IPA.
a spanish and Portuguese unit of weight of varying value, equal to 25.37 pounds avoirdupois (9.5kilograms) in mexico and to 32.38 pounds avoirdupois (12 kilograms) in Brazil.
a unit of liquid measure of varying value, used esp. in Spain and commonly equal (when used for wine) to 4.26U.S. gallons (16.1 liters).
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1590–1600; < Sp < Ar al rubʿ  the fourth part, i.e., a quarter of theqintār; see quintal Unabridged
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[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]World EnglishDictionary
|arroba  (əˈrəʊbə) [pic] |
|— n  , pl -bas|
|1. |a unit of weight, approximately equal to 11 kilograms, used in some Spanish-speaking countries |
|2. |a unit of weight,approximately equal to 15 kilograms, used in some Portuguese-speaking countries |
|3. |a liquid measure used in some Spanish-speaking countries with different values,but in Spain used as a wine-measure, |
| |approximately equal to 16 litres |
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