Arte y psicologia

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Name of the game
Ecological Route (Ecological route)
This game can be played from 2 to 4 children, each of them was possessing a piece placed in the exit beginning the gamewhen one of the participants throws in view of and depending on the number that they extract they will be able to begin, that is to say on having extracted 1 or 6 will be able to go out of his cabin andto advance spending the shift to the following one. All of them will be happening for diverse cabins in which there will be penances and benefits of agreement to the chosen cards until one of theseplayers comes to the goal and could obtain this way the victory of this game and more than it the conscience of supporting the planet in good conditions and the possibility of saving to the marineanimals that they find in the game and will be able to eliminate the most dangerous pollutants for them.
This game can play in important paper for the children since this one will allow thatinfantes should obtain certain level of learning on the pollutants of the planet. The above mentioned game was drinking of equal way he arouses these in the ecological aspect since it is to take careof the planet and to support it in order that future generations could enjoy it since it has been done up to the moment.
The game is entertained and leaves the learning you on themarine pollutants. More than two players, duration of 15 minutes or more. His complexity is low as the strategy, random discharge, skills it goes down and grace for the dice

This game consistsof:
* In view of
* A board
* Three categories:
- Bonus, you ask and delays
* Four players' pieces
The game ecological route can be played from 2 to 4 persons which will be initiated by theplayer who extracts a 1 or one 6. It goes from left side to right. After beginning to play depending on the number that the players obtain with the given one they will have to move his cards, if they...