Artistic design

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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Artistic Designs

Over time, Wilcom has created many beautiful designs that have been used in promotions, advertising and giveaways. The designs showcase many of the new features that were beingdeveloped at the time, such as the Liquid and Florentine Curve Effects, Accordion Spacing and Trapunto.

These designs have been sought after by many customers over the years, and it is with greatpleasure that we include them in Wilcom ES V8.0.

Important Note:
These designs were not created for production purposes. They were created as marketing tools to show customers the new features withinthe Wilcom ES software and have many stitches, colors, color changes and trims. The designs do not utilize production efficiencies that are required for commercial use and should not be used forproduction purposes.

Details of each of the 5 artistic designs are noted below:-

← Uluru Australia (2000) was created to show how Jagged Edge and Accordion Spacing can be used effectively.|Stitches: |32775 |Height: |94.3mm |Width: |186.8mm |
|Colors: |7 |Color Changes:|9 | | |
|Machine: |Melco |Stops: |10 |Trims:|28 |
|Max. Stitch: |7.0mm |Min. Stitch: |0.0mm |Max. Jump: |7.0mm |
|Effects Used:|Florentine Effect, Trapunto, Accordion Spacing and Jagged Edge |

← Liquidsea (1999) was based on an Art Nouveau drawing of a sailing ship. Itwas created to demonstrate the curve effects, which had been developed and enhanced.

|Stitches: |49569 |Height: |215.6mm |Width:...
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