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“I can overcome all the objections during selling!”

Intern takes a lot of time to be trained. We do not have time to spend on him/her.
❖ Sure, you will need to spend some time on him/her, but very soon he/she will be able to perform some tasks, that will free your time very soon
❖ It will also depend on what Job description you will outline for intern before. The more concrete it is,the more intern will be able to prepare before coming for internship (example, initial business environment research in home country, where company expands). We can send all the information.
❖ If the initial tasks won’t be very difficult, intern can learn independently, only asking questions.
❖ If you have interns throughout the year, the new incoming intern will be able to learn fromalready current ones.

We have no time to arrange all the administrative matters to receive an inter here
❖ All administrative issues (communications, living permit arrangement, country integration, accommodation etc.) are dealt by Local Committee

The company is too small and there is no significant work for interns
❖ Right in the small companies an intern can demonstrateentrepreneurial skills and develop certain direction in the company
❖ Intern can be a possibility of entering new markets, new contacts, as knows the situation on his/her own market
❖ Intern may also bring new management techniques
❖ Tell, that there were examples of interns, who came to similar small companies and opened the representation in their home country and contributed to thedevelopment of the company

We have no international chapters, and we are not working with foreign markets
❖ Most of our companies that participate in Internship program are local companies
❖ Its happening quire rare, that company doesn’t have contacts either with a neighbor or abroad countries

We are afraid that our employees won’t be able to communicate with intern in English
❖ Bypractice, it always motivates employees to start communicate in English and makes them learn the foreign language
❖ There should be at least 1 person in the company, who speaks English and who will be the responsible for intern in company

We have quite a difficult financial situation and therefore we can not afford the additional costs
❖ Emphasize on the benefits the company can getinstead (key selling points of internships)
❖ Ask when the budgeting process happening in the company, so they can already think ahead

We have our own internal internship program (or other resources to attract interns)
❖ In comparison with other organizations involved in internship program, AIESEC is taking care of all the logistics connected to the process of inviting and receiving anintern. As well as, affordable administrative fee
❖ The advantage of AIESEC, that it’s not an organization which organizes internships, but as well creates the whole education and learning process around it (one of the main goals – developing individuals and local environment).
❖ AIESEC Global network

We have a lot of requests from students for summer job
❖ Internship programis not only an opportunity to invite interns for summer period (short-term), while most of the stuff is on vacation, but it’s also internships all year long (long-term) for long-term goals and projects.

We would better hire a local student, than take a foreigner
❖ AIESEC intern is a person with new ideas and new business perspectives, which will help your company to be developed indifferent areas
❖ You can do both, local student can work together with intern on certain project, and you'll get much more developed local student as a staff member, or later to send the same person for internship too

We had a bad experience with AIESEC
❖ If possible, try to explain what happened and why it happened
❖ Apologize for bad experience, which company had with AIESEC, and...
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