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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2010
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DELEN (DELete ENhanced) 06.09.2007 (6 September, 2007)


Deletes one or more files, or entire subdirectories if requested.


DELEN file... [/A:[-]AHRS] [/NPQSTXYZ] [/! | /E files... /Ifiles...]
[@[@]|%[name]] [/4[:dfile] [/[dts-ranges]]

file... Specifies one or more files to be deleted. Wildcards are allowed.
/A: Attribute select /X removes emptysubdirectories
/N Nothing /Y answers "Yes" to all prompts
/P Prompt /Z Zap: removes also protected files
/Q Quiet /E Excludefollowing files
/S Subdirectories /I Include following files
/T Total /! delete all except following files

@[@]|%[name] Reads parameters from a file orfrom an environment variable.
/4[:dfile] 4DOS: Removes also 4DOS file descriptions from "dfile".
Default file name is "descript.ion".
/[dts-ranges] Specifies date, time orsize range according to which
files are chosen. Format is: /[{type}{begin},{end}].

This help summary is available with /? switch.


Several files can begiven on the same command line. If the file name is
a directory, with or without a backslash '', DELEN assumes that all files
in the given directory are to be removed. That is, "delen foo" isequivalent to "delen foo\*"

Extended wildcards can be used in filenames. These are characters '*',
'?' and '[]'. Asterisk '*' matches to any number of arbitrary characters
and questionmark '?' matches to one arbitrary character. Character list
'[xxx]' matches to any of the characters between the brackets. If the
first character in brackets is exclamation mark '!', range is...
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