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1. Why is it important to study Space, What does it teach us about our life on Earth?
The Earth is the place where we live and is part of the Universe, an immense place that have millions ofgalaxies. The knowledge and the study of the Earth and the space have a great importance. Since the beginning of the human kind the man has the curiosity to know more about the space and all the elementsthat constitute the universe. In the XVII century the telescope was invented, with that invention the man can receive and capture many information such as the constellations. The study of the space gaveto the man many explanations for the mysteries of the past , such as the solar or lunar eclipse. With the pass of time appeared many other discoveries that help us to know more information about thesubject and give an objective explanation of what is happening in the environment.
It is very important to study the space because we can know for example about the chemical composition of theelements of the space including the Earth; also we can predict the weather. We can know about our Solar System and the planets that are on it, the characteristics of each of them. Many investigations aremade to discover if there are life in other planets such as Mars, the results were that the planet could have had life years before. It is very necessary to take care of our planet.

2. Give concreteexamples of how technology and interdisciplinary work has improves our knowledge about space.
Our knowledge about the space has been increasing in the last years. One of the first instruments tostudy the space and our universe was the Telescope. For doing an instrument like this, it was needed the help of many people, like physicists, astronomers and mathematics. Before the telescopes as weknow them, they were formed by a combination of lenses and mirrors, and this was the way in which people of the past began the study of the space.
After a while, the radiotelescope was invented....
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