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This very good novel begins with reading an article in the newspaper that the protagonist is asked Felipe Montero where a young historian with extensive knowledge of French and preferably have livedthere.
Felipe thinks of and sees that the salary and seems attractive, ignores him and the next day decided to go for the address listed in the article, because the salary has been increased, walksthe streets distinct numbering and changed until the house manages to give notice, pushes the door and into the backyard where there is full darkness, a lady asked to walk, desist from lighting amatch, up staircases and find the q is called old Consuelo (the protagonist) who asks to stay and live a few days while you finish the story or biography of her late husband General Llorente (that was thework) and the lady accepted his niece called Aura (the protagonist) who leads him to his room, dismayed by the need to claim their things and aura that the butler would answer them. Low to dinner andas above in the old quarter is impacted by Aura's green eyes, while drinking only what would be his sandwich during their stay in the house (pig kidneys and red wine), think of it at As in thesalary, climbs, Mrs. Consuelo gives the papers written by the General and begins to read.

Wake up and looking through the stained glass ceiling of the room to see the cats being burned, the same cats whoyesterday referred to advise Aura and Mrs. Consuelo use to get rid of mice in his room. Go down to breakfast, and notice the presence of Mrs. Consuelo in the dining room, notice how the movements ofboth women (Aura, and Consuelo) are identical, still in love with Aura, the lady leaves the room with her, and he ends the plate and read late.

At dinner Aura quotes Philip in his room, makeamorm. next day He read the third package of writing General (delivered by the old, in order) and drops suddenly to see her and absent doing kitchen work (skinning a kid) and terrified goes to see the...
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