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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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Global Warming
No doubt in our present one of the major concerns are the activities of humans causing a negative impact on the environment and also jeopardize the future of all living things, globalwarming refers to the tendency toward increased variability in global troposphere temperature due to multiple factors. Many of the activities associated with the emission of gases are now essentialto the global economy and form an essential part of modern life, the greenhouse effect is caused by gases that have occurred as a result of complex geochemical and biochemical activity thatcharacterizes Earth. The first case in our subject is the use of fossil fuels (coal and oil) as sources of energy in industry and transport. Moreover forest fires may no longer be a constant natural organic intoa variable in the equation of anthropogenic global warming, and the excess of forest fires, caused by human hands, could be involved as a first-order variable in the acceleration of global warming.And finally the common human activities like burning fossil fuels coal, oil, gas and forest destruction, have become major causes of air emission of carbon dioxide, the most dangerous gas in thegeneration the greenhouse effect. The timber industry, agricultural expansion, acid rain, adversely affects the absorptive capacity of the forests of excess pollution. For example according to a publicationnacion.com 2010, is a decrease in plant growth due to global warming where investigators say the change could affect food security and development of biofuels, experts 2000 to 2009 found a decline inthe growth of plants is related to drought caused by the rise in temperature. Maosheng Zhao of the University of Montana says "Because the drought that caused warming reduces the ability of land toabsorb carbon, may result in more carbon dioxide remaining in the atmosphere, and thus further warming." To end to the consequences of human activities, it is urgent a real commitment to all people...
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