Aztec education

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The Aztecs were a culture which dominated the Center and South of the present Mexican territory, in Mesoamerica, since the XIV until the XVI Century. It is famous because it establishedthe best high-organized empire in America.

This culture had strong characteristics: it had a solid social structure; developed advanced technology; managed a tribute system and trading; practicedmilitary activities; developed an education system based on social levels and had a complex polytheistic religion.

1. General Aspects

1.1. Location
Aztecs lived in a marshy area inthe west of the Texcoco Lake. They founded their main city, called Tenochtitlan in 1325.
It was the Capital of the Aztec empire. It was constructed on small islands in thecentral part of the lake and it was communicated with mainland through four roadways. It had around of 300.000 habitants. It has been considered as one of the most beautiful cities that the human beinghas constructed.

1.2 Economical Activities
They cultivated vegetables and flowers. As they lived in a swampy place, they developed “float gardens”, called “chinampas” which were made oftighten logs (they used a plant called “ixtle” to tight them). It had on grit, crushed stone and regular ground. Besides they raised domestic fowls and fishing.

1.3 Architecture
The Aztecs builtstriking structures (large roadways and temples) and they used waterways instead of land streets. They were expert engineers; in fact, they introduced the drainage system and other one to provide water toTenochtitlan all the time.

1.4 Social Structure
As time pass, the Aztec population grew and developed better civil and military organizations.
2.4.1 Social Classes
The Aztecshad a Theocratic System (a bureaucracy). The main castes were:
a) Priests: They lived in temples and had an important influence in religious and political decisions.
b) Governors: Huey...
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