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  • Publicado : 14 de agosto de 2012
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Music without lyrics, otherwise known as instrumental music, is any piece of music written solely for instruments with no vocal lyrics of any kind. Karaokeand other varieties of music without lyrics have become very popular in the last decade, but all these forms share a common background.

Most of today'spopular music revolves around big name bands with even bigger lead singers, but there are many pieces of music without lyrics that are every bit as popularand well-known as the songs clogging the airwaves today. This fact has repeated itself throughout the history of the civilized world. These new venues forinstrumental music are by no means the first, however. Human beings have been writing and performing on instruments alone since the dawn of time.Instrumental Music Today
In modern society instrumental music is quite prevalent. While the majority of "popular" music has lyrics, instrumental music in the formof concert band music, orchestra music, and band music in general are growing in popularity. While the vast majority of music written throughout history hasbeen lyrical in nature, more and more music without lyrics is being written, mostly to serve growing public school music education classes such as concertand marching band programs.
The musicians that perform in these ensembles, as well as those who attend their concerts are well aware of a very human truth:As has been known for centuries, while the human voice can express extreme passion, instruments are often the best and most fluent purveyors of emotion.
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