Balance perfecto

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  • Publicado : 11 de agosto de 2010
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The Perfect Balance

To achieve a state of comfortability and financial success there's many paths, but the best, safest and honorable is through work. Since the dawn of human existence work hasbeen a source of development, evolution and independance.Financial success is a goal many people have and wish to gain but not everyone finds a simple path to. A slew amount of the population have togo through tall brick walls and find ways to open locked doors that most of the times are either economical impossibilities, finding a solid, consistant job or the strenght and determination tocontinue on their pursuit.

Generally speaking, there are few tips a person could keep in mind to land a high economical position for instance, we've all been taught to save our money and only use itwhen it's absolutely neccessary, evaluate compare options and prices before spending, strive for the best education, always setting the bar higher and going for the best grades and last but not leasta solid job you enjoy working on.

It is seen all around the world how people utilize their income in worthless things, luxury and meaningless items for the sake of vanity. It only makes mecurious of what's going through their minds, knowing there are so many poor countries and families who could do so much with what they could do so little. I strongly agree that a person’s heart should bedetermined to donate before doing so, and not just do it for the sake of prestige or feeling better about oneself. When we think of the word donation our mind quickly pitches images of celebrities inAfrica, men in black suits with big checks or an organ donation, but donating isn’t just about money, one could donate anything from money, food, items or their time.
An entity who’s able to donateis generally financially successful, but donations dont necessarily have to be in the seven digits spectrum. I believe a small donation has the same desire to help as a huge donation, and that is...
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