Banco de méxico

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Instructor: Maribel Durán V.


2.-Access Biblioteca Digital, and Look for the website of Banco de México. Then answer the following questions….

3- Once you finish, submit your work by pressing View/Complete.

4.- Do not Copy/Paste the information otherwise your jobwill be annulated.

1.- When was Banco de México founded.?
September 1st 1925

2.-Who is the governor of Banco de México? Include a picture of the governor.
Carstens Carstens,Agustín Guillermo

3.-Describe the 3 main functions of Banco de México.
▪ Provide the currency of the country
▪ Achieve stability in the purchacing power ot the currency.
▪Promote the healthy development of the financial system and to favor the good operation of the payment systems.

4.-Explain the main events that led to the foundation of Banco de México?▪ The emission of the currency was centred in the characteristics that the ‘’Banco Unico de Emisión’’ should have, which was stablished in the art. 28 of the Constitution of 1917.It consisted in the suggestion of the stablishment of a private banc or a banc under the governmental control.
▪ The world´s thesis of the need for all countries to have a centralbank.
▪ The ‘’Banco the Mexico’’ becomes real thanks to the efforts of Alberto J. Pani (Secretary of the Treasury) and President Plutarco Elias Calles.

5.- When and how Banco deMexico became autonomous and why is this an important fact for the Mexican economy.
By consitutional mandate, ‘’Banco de México’’ is autonomous since april of 1994.
‘’Banco deMexico’’ is very important in our economy because it is in charge of the production of the country´s currency and the control of the stability in its production and in the purchasing power.
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