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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Universidad autónoma del estado de hidalgo
Escuela superior de huejutla

STUDENT: PABLO hernandez sanchez

teacher: miriam corte blanquel

matter: ENGLISH VI

Semester: 6to group: 2


1)Christopher:"Do you want to dance?"
Christopher asked me if I wanted to dance. |
2) Betty:"When did you come?"
Betty wanted to know when I had come. |
3) Mark:"Has John arrived?"
Mark asked me if John had arrived. |
4) Ronald:"Where does Maria park her car?"
Ronald asked me where Maria parked her car. |
5) Elisabeth:"Did you watch the latest film?"
Elisabeth asked me if I had watchedthe latest film. |
6) Mandy:"Can I help you?"
Mandy wanted to know if she could help me. |
7) Andrew:"Will Mandy have lunch with Sue?"
Andrew asked me if Mandy would have lunch with Sue. |
8) Justin:"What are you doing?"
Justin asked me what I was doing. |
9) Frank:"How much pocket money does Lisa get?"
Frank wanted to know how much pocket money Lisa got. |
10) Anne:"Must I do theshopping?"
Anne asked if she had to do the shopping. |

1) Mandy:"Are the boys reading the book?"
Yesterday Mandy asked me if the boys were reading the book. |
2) Jason:"Who gave you the laptop?"
Yesterday Jason wanted to know who had given me the laptop. |
3) Robert:"Is Tim leaving on Friday?"
Yesterday Robert asked me if Tim was leaving on Friday. |
4) Daniel:"Will it rain tomorrow?"Yesterday Daniel asked me if it would rain today. |
5) Jennifer:"Where do you play football today?"
Yesterday Jennifer wanted to know where I played football. |
6) Nancy:"Why didn't Nick go to New York last summer?"
Yesterday Nancy wanted to know why Nick hadn't gone to New York the summer before. |
7) Barbara:"Must I do my homework this afternoon?"
Yesterday Barbara asked me if she hadto do her homework that afternoon. |
8) Linda:"Did Max fly to London two weeks ago?"
Yesterday Linda wanted to know if Max had flown to London two weeks before. |
9) Grandmother:"Where are my glasses?"
Yesterday Grandmother asked me where her glasses were. |
10) A man:"When does the train to Liverpool leave?"
Yesterday a man asked me when the train to Liverpool left. |

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and tenses.
1. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked.
→ She asked where her umbrella was.
2. "How are you?" Martin asked us.
→ Martin asked us how we were.
3. He asked, "Do I have to do it?"
→ He asked if he had to do it.
4. "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter.
→ The mother asked herdaughter where she had been.
5. "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend.
→ She asked her boyfriend which dress he liked best.
6. "What are they doing?" she asked.
→ She wanted to know what they were doing.
7. "Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me.
→ He wanted to know if I was going to the cinema.
8. The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?"
→ The teacherwanted to know who spoke English.
9. "How do you know that?" she asked me.
→ She asked me how I knew that.
10. "Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me.
→ My friend asked me if Caron had talked to Kevin.

What |   |   |
"What are you looking for?" | → | He asked what I was looking for |
Where |   |   |
"Where can we go tonight?" | → | She asked where they could go thatnight |
When |   |   |
"When did they go to India?" | → | He asked when they had gone to India |
Who |   |   |
"Who told you that?" | → | He asked me who had told me that |
How |   |   |
"How old are the twins?" | → | He asked how old the twins were |
Why |   |   |
"Why did Carla leave so early?" | → | He asked why Carla had left so early |
Which |   |   |
"Which skirt did you...
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