Batallas en el desierto.

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The history tell us about a boy living in the 50s, or 60s when the mexican market started to receive American products.. it uses a lot of mexicanisms and itmay represent the way that the poor Mexican people lived, and had a completely different way of living.

It uses a lot of events of that time, and for exampleall the incense and the way of living of Carlos, may represent the incense of Mexico at that time.. and the way it started receiving all the capitalism ideasfrom USA.

The main value that we can see in the story is the way he talks about his friends and family (psychological), and how it doesn't change even with thenew ideas.

The other interesting thing is the way the classical houses were being destroyed, for making apartment buildings.

An interesting value thatCarlos experiments is the Love, when he fell in love (emotional) of his best friend mother, and that was really scandalous because of the moral that Mexicoexperimented at that days.

Now a days is very curious to see how the things were that days, and is interesting to see that they thought that all this things wehave everyday and use, were strange that days.

There are other values (or antivalues) like, the japanese guy, that had to tolerate the jokes of his mates(social) , or the brother.. a very dum guy, the corruption, the father that talked with Carlos about he being inlove of Mariana, is full of antivales, but I think itis because of the way of living of that time.

Finally, the thing that happened with Mariana is a mistery and I think that they simply escaped form there.
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