Beauty pageants

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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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A lot of girls dream to be a princess, but in the real world there are beauty pageants where young children can play to be a princes even thought, this dream, sometimes, it could becoming a nightmarefor them.
These events started many years ago but became more popular in 1921, when a hotel owner started a contest to keep tourists in town past Labor Day. The winner of this contest would becalled Miss America. Miss America pageants have been a yearly event ever since then, except during the Great Depression. Then, in 1960, pageants were getting so popular that a Little Miss America wasstarted for parents who wanted their children in beauty pageants (Nussbaum).
Since then, the industry has grown to include nearly 25,000 pageants. It is an increasingly lucrative business, bringing inabout a billion dollars a year.
In these competitions the girls are massaged, combed and dressed like little women. There are “queen baby category” (children under one year), “tiny queen (childrenbetween 1 and 3 years) and Pee-Wee Queen (children between 3 and 6 years) and finally pass the higher classes and made some professional in the world of catwalk. Expose girls imitate what they seesocially everywhere and what their mother asks them. In fact, parents often try to extend their desires through their children. Project their own needs in their children, without realizing that they do, nowhat the child thinks.
Many parents believe their daughters have advantages in the experience of participating in the competitions such as gain confidence, sociable and maturity. On the other hand,according to Emily Hancock, “they have stolen their childhood. They are transformed into erotic objects. To them, they are taught to act as sex objects, to like others (1990)”.

Nowadays, the moralvalues are decreasing in the families. People give more importance such as money, fame, youth and beauty.
Beauty pageants are becoming more famous than ten years ago. When little girls participate,...
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