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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Set All Object Properties to BYLAYER in AutoCAD 2008

Sometimes you’ll run into a drawing where the object properties are set to a specific value, like a certain color or linetype, instead ofBYLAYER. When you change the layer’s property, those particular objects don’t change. Sometimes that is what you want, but often it isn’t. Until now you had to manually go through and edit each of theobject properties.
There is a new tool in AutoCAD 2008 that enables you to quickly apply the BYLAYER property to multiple objects, including those within blocks definitions. The new SETBYLAYER command isavailable on the modify menu. After selecting the objects you want to change, a Settings option enables you to specify which properties you want to be included in the operation. Additional promptsallow you to choose if you want to change object properties that are currently set to BYBLOCK and/or objects within blocks.

Dimension Enhancements in AutoCAD 2008

AutoCAD 2008 offers new andenhanced dimensioning functionality, which includes automatic alignment options, dimension breaks, jogged dimensions, text placement, and tolerances. The new Dimension panel on the Dashboard provides easyaccess to the many dimensioning tools.

The new Dimension Break tool (DIMBREAK command) enables you to break dimension or extension lines where they intersect geometric objects or other dimensions.After specifying the dimension that you want to break, you can select intersecting objects to use as cutting edges or you can choose the Auto or Manual options. When you break a dimension by selectingobjects or using the Auto option, the breaks will automatically update when the intersection point moves. If the objects are moved so that they no longer intersect, the break will disappear and ifthey are moved back the break will automatically return to the proper location. The Manual option enables you to specify start and end point of the break. You can use the Restore option to remove all...
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