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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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In this project we will talk about a very important in the history of the classic music,
Bethoveen was considered one of the greatest representatives ofViennese classicism, then, we are going to explain why Bethoveen is really important in music of his time. Also we are going to talk about his life, his works andmany things about his music.
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Germany in 16 December 1770. He was a composer, orchestra´s director and German pianist.Beethoven managed to transcend the music of Romanticism, motivating influence of the same in a variety of musical works throughout the century XIX. Beethoven expresshis art in different areas of this but what most distinguishes him, are his symphonies, equally, are important his piano´s works and his chamber music.
In hisgreat path, he left for posterity an important legacy: 9 symphonies, 1 opera, 2 masses, 3 cantatas, 32 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, a violin concerto, atriple concerto for violin, cello, piano and orchestra, 16 string quartets, a great escape for string quartet,10 sonatas for violin and piano, 5 sonatas for celloand piano and many overtures, chamber works, series of variations, arrangements of popular songs and piano trifles.
His family already had a musical tradition,his grandfather worked as a director and choirmaster of orchestra of the Elector of Cologne; his father was musician and tenor of the electoral court.Beethoven's father want his son to be like Mozart, he offered concert since 7 years old, with this intention, began to teach piano, organ and clarinet at an early age.
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