Being simply as thin flesh with out skin

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Being simply thin flesh without skin,
As bones and air riding in the sunrise,
As a little and obnoxious time,
Prevailed between pains and hopes perfectly,Being vainly tied by absurd chains,
And listen with the wind of steering rumbles,
Coming from the ocean,
Birds in agony falling onto the deck...
In the darknessand infinitely beautiful ships,
Or over long, dumpling and blind beaches,
Formed of fine foam as thousands of orchides.

… And the sky of the ocean, top ofheaven with life,
whom enters in our blood enlightening us and supporting,
To whom had died in the traitor streets,
In the messed rooms of this black city,
This cityof ash and tezontle each day less pure,
City of iron, blood, and faint in sweat.

Large, large city with its virgin dawns like hypocrites
With its minutes likenaked children
With their shameful acts of old fractious and unwieldy,
With its narrow streets where they die exhausted, at last
The drones ambushed andmurderers of joy.

City so complicated, seething of envy,
Farm of undone virtues; after an hour
Sweltering wasteland, soft nest in which we are
As burning and unheardword,
surface in which we go as a dark transit
Desert in which we beat and breathe viciously
Wide forest watered by painful tears, throbbingly
Contempt tears,insulting tears.

We declare our hatre, magnificent city.
To you, to your sad and vulgar bourgeois
To your girls of air, candy and American films,
To youryouth of ice cream stuff with rubbish,
To your unleashed queers who defeat the
Schools, the Garibaldi square,
The alive and poisonous street of Saint Juan de Letran
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