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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Bembos is a Peruvian company of fast food, dedicated basically to the market of the consumption of hamburgers. Its traditional colors are red, blue and yellow. Its current motto of campaignis: “Like Bembos, there’s no other”.
It opens its doors on June, 11 in 1988 with a small restaurant in Miraflores' full heart in the Peruvian capital. It mixes spices into their meat, giving adistinct taste and appearance. As other restaurants in Peru, they serve chili pepper on the side. Bembos meals primarily come with French fries or yuccas. It was so many receptions that they had to open abranch in the neighbor San Isidro in 1990.
Some years after, Bembos started having more clients in different points of Lima, nowadays it possesses 32 locals in the whole country, where the majorityhas the service drive-thru (attention without going down the car), games for children and it delivers to domicile. Also it penetrated into the principal malls of Chiclayo and Piura. In spite of thearrival of transnational important as Mc Donald and Burger King, the Peruvians even feel predilection for going to eat to Bembos.
One of the characteristics of Bembos is that its locals were designed bythe Arq. Jose Orrego. These Places have introduced a series of concepts of forefront for formats of fast food that today constitute cases of study in the world.
Bembos possesses locals out of thecapital like in Cusco, where they have their local in full square of weapon becoming the first national or international fast food establishment in the city. They also have one local in the city ofTrujillo.
In the year 2002, Bembos made a bet because they want to enter to a totally different market as India, hoping that with the time it achieves the acceptance which it possesses in Peru.

Thechain has 32 locals in 6 cities, mostly in Lima.

• Miraflores (6),
• San Isidro (3),
• Surco (7),
• San Borja (2),
• La Molina (1),
• San Miguel (1),
• Lima...
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