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Beowulf is an interesting story I discuss several comparisons between the movie and the book, this story is adventure in the book we can create a great imagination can know only by reading Englishliterature written since the words are from that era are in color black and their meaning even side of each sheet, as well as the principle is the name of the characters so we get a sense and learn moreabout the function of each of the characters and the language that was taught in it, when we read the story is very long and for those who do not like to read is hard to have a few pictures, plus andis complicate create in our minds as a Beowulf showed, however for others it may be better because everyone can create the way you want to Beowulf.

The first movie was very good because it createsan interesting story to the public, you can see much more action and lifestyle of that time, we identifier traditions time the body language and so on. a disadvantage is that sometimes words can notidentify, much less keep them in mind for later research what meant, the plot is very good and the first act was very strong but hits and it seems much more interesting.
in the second animated filmwas a little more fun because you will definitely laugh compared to the book and the first movie completely very bloody beginning, this could be seen over the reactions of the characters into contactwith Beowulf.
It has two main parts: the first occurs during youth or Geat geat hero (in some translations, "Gothic") that names the poem, and tells how to come to the aid of the Danes or Jutes, whocame under attack from an ogre -Grendel-giant, and after killing it, faces his terrible mother, in the second half, Beowulf and the king of the Geats and fight to death with a fierce dragon.

Theevents narrated in the epic poem Beowulf named would take place sometime between the V and VII d. C. Observing the historical events that occurred during this period of the Middle Ages may help to...
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