Betrayed mini book review

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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In Betrayed, the mother and daughter writing team P.C. & Kristin Cast creates a novel that forms part of the House of Night series. Seriesin which Betrayed is the second Novel that continue the events from Marked. Betrayed talks about the events occurred on the House of Nightmainly between the fledgling vampire Zoey and the House of Night Priestess.
In the novel we can clearly appreciate the relationship between thetitle and the content of it. Zoey comes to the House of Night after noticing that she was destined to become a vampire and that she had to goto a special boarding school. She, is given amazing powerful abilities by the goddess of vampires, Nyx. On the other side Neferet, the highpriestess of The House of Night, helps and advice Zoey to become the leader of the Dark Daughters, group which was made up of the bestfledglings. During the story Zoey notices several weird actions from Neferet towards other fledglings at school, thing that made her a little aware. Atthe end, Neferet totally betrays Zoey by taking away her powers and memories partially.
One of the key features of this novel is thepowerful message we get at the end of it. Clearly, this novel teaches us that even the people you less think capable of doing something bad towardsyou are the ones who can cause the worst damage on you. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading stories that have a moral on them.
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