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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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The Independence of Mexico was the result of political and social process determined by the use of weapons that ended Spanish rule in the territories of NewSpain.

The Mexican war for independence lasted from the Grito de Dolores, 16 September 1810, to the entrance of the Army Trigarante to Mexico City on 27 September1821.

before the independence of mexico people had a different culture to that of today, for example, women wore long dresses were so arranged, the men were verygentlemen, dressed in smart trousers, hats, etc.

before people gave everything for his country, now if you can not say the same as our perspectives have changedsubstantially as before.

our independence was a war where everyone did their support.

their weapons before they were different, or there was the same technology as theone now.

The Mexican people who was depending of the Spain autorities whit this movement this step was finished, now we can enjoy the liberty of chosse ourauthorities with the popular vote.

Another point is the religious freedom, we can choose any religion that is to our liking whether Catholic, Christian, atheist, Jewish.We can see the free and compulsory secular education.

We talked and treated equally around the Mexican territory.

We can express our ideas of the goverment,potilic or anything whithout being threaten.

Today we haven´t racial differences, we talked and treated equally around the mexican territory leaving behind the colorof race.

Finally we can express our ideas of the goverment, potilic or anything whithout being threatened.


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