Bilingualism in colombia

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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In my point of view related that I have seen in class, I consider that the National plan of Bilingualism can be a concrete alternative in order to achieve a real and meaningful education in theclassroom that satisfy the necessities in our community with real changes and processes that being the best education entailed, personal or working. In that way, a second language teaching and learninghas become essential nowadays. When we are talking about globalization, is necessary express our ideas in a good way in different languages, English in our case.
Due to the government’spreoccupation, specifically in education that is facing serious problems in our community such as: lack of resources in schools, lack of right person for the job according to pedagogical requirements,weaknesses that students have had with learning a second foreign language, lack of interest may be attributed to a lack of awareness in students with low intensity in English classes. It hasimplemented this new educational policy so; in my point of view this process will create a great battle due to it is a bit hard to face reality nowadays where it takes much more than proposals or draftpaper when there are not a real action in order to solve these problems. I said it is a battle directed at how times have changed radically for better or for worse and Marjorie cases for worse becausein our educational institutions are full of students nowadays, as a consequence students has acquired new hostile attitudes toward learning.
According to this reading, I could identify manyproblems that I faced, not only in my case, many of my colleagues in the university have the same problem, in our work or another environment, such as well known overcrowded classes that generatesstress of the teachers into an stressful environment related to classroom management. Now, the big problem results in a chain reaction that hinders learning and teaching process, also there are other...
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