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Piero Manzoni was born in the 13 of july of 1933, in Soncino. He grew up in Milan and spend most summers on Albisola Capo where he and his parents used to meet Lucio Fontana. Pierofirst debut was in 1956 at the Castello Sforzeco of Soncino. Then he took another art to Milan.

In 1958 he exposed with Lucio Fontana and Enrico Baj, the founder of the Nuclear art. in the same yearhe began working with 2 artist, Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi. In 1959 they edited their first issue and founded the art gallery, Azimut.

Year pass and his arts were being more radicalevery-time. He made “the lines”, “bodies of Air”, “Artist’s breath”, Sculpture eggs”, “magic bases”, and new achromes. In 1960 he did one of his more famous manifestations: the Consumption of dynamicart by the art-devouring public. and in 1961 in rome, he had his certificate for during living Sculptures and he then offered 90 cans of “artist shit” for gold. Then in 1963 at the age og 29 he had afatal infraction.

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His style was really particular. He used to do stuff that no one expected. The main thing he did were the anthropomorphic silhouettes and canvases bearingthe imprints of ordinary every objects. Then he became more radical and made “the consumption of dynamic art by the art-devouring public” which actually were hard-cooked eggs with his thumbprint andgave them out. Then he stared doing Living sculptures and also he made a can with artist shit and sell it to the people for gold, with this you can see how his style is like really realistic,impressive, sometimes crude and he actually could care less if the people like it or not. He just wanted to make a statement in that time.


Piero Manzoni (1933-63) - Merda d'artista (Artist's...
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