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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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What are you like?
I am hardworking, I like to work in team and very hard, I am serious and responsible when I am working but I am funny too. I am outgoingand friendly, I like to make friends and talk with people. I am creative, for this reason I studied advertising.

What good personal qualities or skillsdo you have?
Well I am hardworking, determined, responsible and disciplined. I am outgoing and friendly, I am always punctual. I am pleasant withpeople and I like to think that I am creative.
I have experience in customer service, I can talk with people and understand his problems. I know to find a way ofsolve problems. Y know to work in team.

What three adjectives describe you best?
What is your dream job? Why would youlike to have this job?
I want to be a flight attendant, why? Because I have qualities and experience for this job. I would like to have this job for thisreason, I think that I can give a lot things for taca
Describe the skills you would need for the job?
You need to be very responsible because you have theresponsibility of caring for people in the air. You need to be pleasant with all people. You need to be punctual and active person because it is not a deskjob. Every day is different, for this, you have to be flexible.
I think that I have this qualities.
What kind of work experience would you need for this job?You need to have experience en customer service, you need to need experience speaking with people in different languages and in the solving problem.
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