Biography of lady gaga

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Lady Gaga for me is a great singer and she is one of the most popular singers in all the world. Her name, Lady Gaga, is not her real name; her real name is “AngelinaGoanne Stephani Germanotta” and she choose that artistic name because when she was little she loved a band called “Queen” and that band had a song called “Radio Gaga” , so whenshe grew up she thought it would be a great artistic name for her. Lady Gaga was born on March 20th, 1986 in New York U.S.A. The type of music that Lady Gaga sings is DancePop, she also loves to play piano and actually all her songs first are in piano. She is a very new artist and I think she makes all her own goals real. Her first Album onsale was on April 22nd, 2008 and had a very big success, it was called “The Fame” whit the song “Just Dance”. When she was little she went to the same school as “ParisHilton” and the people teased her a lot because they thought she was weird, but she never stopped following her dreams and she defended what she thought. Now Lady Gaga doesn’tlike kids because of that.

One day, Lady Gaga was having a bad day and her friend, Paris Hilton, watched a video on youtube which showed “Maria Aragon” (a Lady Gagafan) singing one of her songs (Born this Way). When Lady Gaga watched it, her day was better and she made that girl famous because she thought she had talent. My favorite LadyGaga is “Poker Face” and she always dresses very awkward and her videos are very awkward too. Lady Gaga is Bisexual and she loves gay people because before she was famousa gay friend of hers was the one that made her famous. I think you learn a lot from Lady Gaga and I hope that you change your mind so you know she is not that crazy.

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