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Biologia - Paper Writing Guide
It is essential for us that authors write and prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions and specifications
listed below. The length and effectiveness of the peer review process will largely depend upon the care used by authors
in preparing their manuscripts. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructionscarefully
before preparing a manuscript for submission, and to check the manuscript for conformance before submitting it for
publication. Manuscripts should be in clear and concise English (correct language is the responsibility of the authors).
Manuscripts preferred for publication in Biologia are those which:
1. contain original work - which is not published elsewhere in any medium by theauthors or anyone else and is
not under consideration for publication in any other medium. This restriction does not apply to review articles.
2. are focused on the core aims and scope of the journal - Biologia is a scientific journal publishing fundamental
research results from botany, cellular and molecular biology and zoology.
3. are clearly and correctly written - should contain all essentialfeatures of a complete scientific paper, should be
written in a clear, easy to understand manner and be readable for a wide audience of biologists.
4. are written in English - should be clearly and grammatically written, in an easily readable style. Attention to
detail of the language will avoid severe misunderstandings which might lead to rejection of the paper.
5. are delivered in electronicformat
Please read these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact either the Excecutive Editors or the
Editor-in-Chief of Biologia. The manuscript should be submitted directly to the respective Executive Editor of the
appropriate section of the journal.
Executive Editors:
Section Botany:
Dr. Igor Mistrik
Section Zoology:
Dr. MariaKazimirova
Section Cellular and Molecular Biology:
Dr. Stefan Janecek
Prof. Frantisek Hindak
Organization of the manuscript
All parts of the manuscript should be type-written (font size 12), double-spaced with margins of 2.5 cm. Pages should
be numbered consecutively throughout themanuscript.
Paper elements:
1. title page with:
1.1. title
1.2. complete name(s) of author(s)
1.3. name and address of workplace(s)
1.4. personal e-mail address(es)
1.5. running title
2. abstract
3. key words
4. text
4.1. introduction
4.2. material and methods
4.3. results
4.4. discussion
(these may be combined if appropriate)
4.5. acknowledgements (if applicable)
4.6. references5. footnotes/endnotes
6. table and figure legends
7. tables
8. figures
9. supplemental data (if applicable)
Each of these elements is detailed below
1.1. Title (short title)
We suggest the title should be as short, informative and comprehensible for a broad scientific audience as possible. If a
long title is necessary, please prepare an optional short title. It should not containnon-standard acronyms or
abbreviations. We emphasize, that it is the title, which usually should convey to a broad scientific readership.
1.2. Name(s) of author(s)
A list of all authors of the paper should be prepared. We need full first name, initial(s) for middle name(s) and full last
1.3. Name and address of workplace(s)
Authors' affiliations should be indicated in this section. Eitherendnote or footnote (endnote recommended) can be used
to present additional information (for example: permanent, adequate, present postal addresses).
1.4. Personal e-mail address(es)
At least one e-mail address is needed. It will be used as the corresponding author's email address in all contacts with the
2. Abstract
An abstract must accompany every article. It should be a brief summary...
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