Biology session 2 cell discovery

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Session 2 Cell discovery
* Robert Hooke: In 1665, Englishman Robert Hooke used an early compound microscope to look at a nonliving thin slice of cork, a plant material. Under themicroscope, cork seemed to be made of thousands of tiny empty chambers. Hooke called these chambers “cells”. The term cell is used in biology to this day. Today we know that living cells are not emptychambers, that in fact they contain a huge array of working parts, each with its own function. To summarize, Robert Hooke was the first to use the term “cell” and he made a book in which he published 50microscopic observations with great details that soon will help to construct the cell theory.
* Anton van Leeuwenhoek: In Holland around the same time, Anton van Leeuwenhoek used a single-lensmicroscope to observe pond water and other things. To this amazement, the microscope revealed a fantastic world of tiny living organisms that seemed to be everywhere, in the water he and his neighborsdrank, and even in his own mouth. These organisms are the one that known as bacteria. Also he made improvements to the microscope that helped him with his observations. This observations and improvementswere very helpful to make the cell theory.
* Matthias Schleiden: In 1838 this German botanist concluded that all plants are made of cells. His works were helpful to construct what we know likecell theory.
* Theodor Schwann: In 1839 this German biologist stated that all animals are made of cells. Also, the works of this scientist will be very helpful to construct the cell theory.
*Rudolph Virchow: In 1855 this German physician concluded that new cells can be produced only from the division of existing cells.

To conclude, the scientists came to the conclusion of the celltheory by the help of these scientists. First, Robert Hooke discover the cell, then Anton van Leeuwenhoek improve the microscope, discover the bacteria and said that cells are the basic unit of life,...
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