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Chapter 1:

Before you read

1. - What do you know about Australia? How different is it from your country?

2. - Read the introduction and look at the pictures on pages 2, 5 and 9.

a) Who are Aboriginal people?

b) What is a walkabout? How long does a boy have to survive? Is he alone, or does his family help him?

c) Why is life in the Australian bush difficult?

d) Ho do thechildren feel in the pictures on pages 5 and 9?


e) Which animals or birds on page VI:

Make a lot of noise?

Are marsupials

Move slowly?

3. - Look at the word list at the back of the book, which are words for:

a) Places?

b) Living things?

While you read

4. - Are these sentences right or wrong X

a) Mary and Peter come from Adelaide

b) Uncle Keith things that thechildren are dead

c) Mary and Peter don´t have any food

d) Mary and Peter don´t see the wombat or tiger car

e) A bird wakes Mary up

f) After the swim the river, Peter is happier than Mary

g) Insects hurt Peter´s legs

h) When the children start to walk to Adelaide, the morning sun is on their left

i) Mary and Peter eat some desert plants

j) Mary and Peter can see the sea froma hill top

After you read

5.- How are these important to the story of the children?

a) Chocolates

b) Animals

c) Birds

d) Insects

e) Plants

f) The sun

6. - Are these words about Mary or Peter? Why?

a) Strong

b) Afraid

c) Kind

d) Naked

e) Hurt

f) Clever

g) Excited

h) Sad

7. - Work with another student. Have this conversation between Mary andPeter after the aero-plane crash.

Student A: You are Mary. You want to run away from the aero-plane as fast as you can. Tell Peter why

Student B: You are Peter. You want to stay near the aero-plane. Tell Mary why

8. - Discuss these questions with other students. What do you think?

a) Is Mary a good sister? Why not?

b) What is the most dangerous thing about the Australian desert forthe children? Why?

c) Why does Mary puts on her dress before she is dry?

d) Are the children right when they run away from the aero-plane? Why not?

Chapter 2-3

Before you read:

9. - Discuss these questions. What do you think?

a) Will Mary and Peter find any food? What food will they find?

b) Look at the picture on page 14. Who is the boy with dark hair?

How do Mary andPeter feel? Why?

While you read:

10. - What happens first? And then? Number these sentences 1-9

a) The bush boy takes Peter and Mary to a river

b) Mary plays alone in the river

c) The bush boy thinks that Peter is funny

d) Peter plays with the bush boy in the water

e) The bush boy puts his hands on Peter and Mary

f) The boys make a fire

g) Peter begins to understand someof the bush boy´s language

h) The bush boy dances

i) Peter and Mary eat some meat

After you read:

11. - How do these people feel? Why?

a) Mary, when she first sees the bush boy

b) Mary, when the bush boy feels her face and clothes

c) Peter and Mary, when the bush boy walks away with his dead wallaby

d) Mary, when the bush boy shows her with his hand some rocks and a smallhill

e) Mary and Peter, when they arrive at the small hill

f) The bush boy, when he watches Peter and Mary at the river

g) Mary, when the bush boy is making a fire with Peter

h) Mary, when she sees Peter naked

i) Mary, when the bush boy stops in front of her after his dance

j) The bush boy, when he looks into Mary´s eyes

12. - Discuss these questions with other students

a)How does the bush boy help Peter and Mary?

b) Mary says, Life is easy for boys. Why does she say this? Is she right? Why (not)?

13. - Work with two other students. Have this conversation between the bush boy, Mary and Peter.

Student A: You are Mary. You are afraid of the bush boy. Tell him why

Student B: You are the bush boy. Mary makes you feel sad. Tell her why

Student C: You...
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