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Product registered in the Official Register of Phytosanitary Products and material (OMDF- Plant Strengthener Product), Spain. (Press, Ministry Of Agriculture, Fishery andFood, C.V. Service of Vegetal Sanity and Phytosanitary Protection Nº 2437).

Product for use in organic farming under Regulation (EC) Nº 834/2007 concerning organicproduction and labelling of organic products, subsequent amendments and extensions.


BIOVIDA® is characterised by its complex way ofworking. Its effects can be used both to protect crops from attack, whether directly or indirectly, by pathogens and pests, and to improve the quality of the crop andmaintain it in a stable condition during storage after harvesting. The application of BIOVIDA® activates the plant’s defence mechanisms by stimulating the biogenesis of chitinase,a PR protein that allows the plant to deal with attacks by fungi and nematodes. The defence mechanisms so activated include stomatic aperture regulation, the synthesis oflignin and callose to form physical barriers, and the cell’s absorption of calcium to strengthen its cellular membranes. This combines with a protein (calmodulin) to form theprotein complex Ca-calmodulin, which acts as a second messenger to activate the synthesis of defensive proteins.

• Product with multi-function mode of action

•Stimulates a self-defence response

• Stimulates an increase of calcium within the cell and in the cell wall

• Activates resistance genes

• Facilitates the synthesis oflignin and callose

• Enters the roots of adult plants to activate the formation of secondary roots and radicular fibres

• Effectiveness at the post-harvest stage
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