Black british

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Black British

Black British = used as a radical and political label and as a category in UK national statistic classifications, where it is subdivided into Caribbean, African and other blackgroups.

History of the British African-Caribbean community
16th Century:

When trade lines began to open between London and West- Africa, Africans slowly began to become part of the Londonpopulation. The inhabitants of London were afraid of the increased black population. The majority of the black people were arrested and expelled from the kingdom.

17-18th Century:

During this era therewas a rise of black settlements in London. Britain was involved with the tri-continental slave trade between Europe, Africa and America. Because of this fact,
there was an increasing black presence inthe northern, eastern and southern areas of London. Liverpool is Britain’s oldest Black community.
Around the 1750s, London became the home of many Blacks, Jews, Irish and Germans. Between one andthree percent of the London population was black. The whites of London had widespread views that Black people were less than human. These views were expressed in slave sale advertisements. Some Blackpeople resisted through escape. Blacks who were bought as slaves to Britain were considered as the property of their owners. Many Blacks became servants to wealthy whites and were labelled as the,,Black Poor”.

19th Century

Coming into the early 19th century, more groups of black soldiers and seamen settled in London. These settlers suffered and faced many challenges. In 1807 the British slavetrade was abolished. The number of blacks was steadily declining with these new laws. The nineteenth century was also a time when ,, scientific racism” flourished.
Many white Londoners claimed thatthey were the superior race and that blacks were not as intelligent as whites.

20th Century

In 1962 the Commonwealth Immigrants Act was passed in Britain that restricted the entry of Black...
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