Blood preasure

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Blood Pressure
In this experiment, students will become familiar with auscultation of blood pressure. In addition, students will use the PowerLab to measure systolic blood pressure. Students will examine the changes in peripheral circulation during blood pressure measurement and compare measurements of blood pressure made in different parts of the body.

Written by staff of ADInstruments.[pic]Experiment Contents

Text Documents (available in PDF and DOC format)

Student Protocol

Blood Pressure Protocol

The student protocol document for this experiment provides step-by-step instructions for performing the experiment as well as how to analyze the data sets.
This Student Protocol includes a Data Notebook and Study Questions.

Laboratory Report

Blood PressureReport

This document provides instructors with a ready to use format for student reports. This Instructor Guide provides further information about the format and content of these worksheets.

Instructor Guide

Blood Pressure Guide

This document contains information for teachers about troubleshooting, analyzing data, and altering the student protocols for this experiment. TheGuide also includes the answers to the study questions in the student protocol and the Conclusion section of the Laboratory Report.

Note: All Chart/LabChart Settings and Data Files have been configured to operate with Chart 5.2/LabChart 6 or later.

Chart/LabChart Settings Files

BP Settings

This settings file configures the PowerLab and Chart/LabChart to perform the Blood Pressureexperiment.

BP Advanced Settings

This is a settings file for use in advanced labs which configures the PowerLab and Chart/LabChart to record from the MLT1100 sphygmomanometer pressure transducer.

Sample Data Files

BP Data

This data file illustrates a typical recording from the finger pulse transducer during a blood pressure measurement similar to Exercise 2.

Arm BP DataThis is a data file showing pulse transducer recording from a blood pressure measurement made at the forearm.

Leg BP Data

This data file shows a pulse transducer recording of a blood pressure measurement made at the leg.

Document Color Coding Scheme

Throughout the experiments, certain words are printed in color. These words are in reference to topic entries in the StudentQuick Reference Guide (available from your local ADInstruments representative). References to acquisition settings are in blue, analysis topics are in green and troubleshooting tips are in red. By informing your students that this resource is available to them, you can encourage students to guide themselves and improve their understanding of the software.

Modifying Protocols

There may beinstances when you want to modify the experimental protocols for your students. In addition to the Acrobat (.pdf) files, the protocols are available in Word document (.doc) format. Feel free to make modifications as you see fit to tailor this experiment to the needs of your classroom laboratory.

Chart 4 Users

This experiment was written and developed for Chart/LabChart. Chart 4.2 compatiblesettings files are available for this experiment on the ADInstruments Education Site:

For access to this website, contact your local ADInstruments representative.

Equipment List/Variations

A Computer system
Chart 5.2/LabChart 6 software or later
Any PowerLab compatible with Chart or LabChart
Finger pulse transducer [MLT1010/D or MLT1010]
StethoscopeBlood pressure cuff/ Sphygmomanometer [MLT1100/D]

General issues

This experiment is often best performed in groups of three or more. Successful planning and division of labor will enable all the experiments to be easily performed in a timely manner.

Suggestions for groups:
• One student is the volunteer.
• The second student auscultates blood pressure.
• The third student...
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