Bocas del toro traditional meals

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Bocas town is on the southeastern tip of Isla Colón. It is the main center on the Bocas del Toro archipelago, which is on the Caribbean side of Panama, in the northwest, close to the border with Costa Rica. Note that the town, the archipelago and the province all share the name Bocas del Toro or simply Bocas. Isla Colón and Bocas del Toro town are also referred to as Bocas Isla.Bocas del Toro is unmatched by their areas of forests, virgin forests and calm seas, with its diversity of species, many of them endangered, can be described as a land of contrasts.

Bocas del Toro is distinguished by its Caribbean style dishes, delicacies from the sea with his point that only the people can do to the beat of calypso, soca, polka or Maypole. Its most outstanding dishes wemention the pickled fish, Rice and Beans (rice with coconut and beans), Ron Don (fish soup with coconut milk), cod with akke or calalloo (spinach) is a culinary delight, One Pat (coconut rice, dried fish and shrimp and chili chombo), Scobich (fish with vinegary onions chopped hot pepper) sauce Octopus Caribbean (coconut), stuffed fish, a hearty soup called fufu, finely ground beef patties and bakedbananas called Patty and mature the famous 'Plantin Tat', bragada, torrejitas cod, among the most beloved desserts are the Yanny keke (coco bread), Pan Bon (Easter tradition) , sweet cassava, sweets of raisins or pineapple pie and homemade ice cream, delicious dishes which are complemented by drinks like Saril, ice inglas (seaweed shake) and lemonade with ginger.

Traditional Meals of Bocas DelToro

It is a pie filled with meat, which is well known in Bocas del Toro and is consumed daily by thousands of Bocas.
stale bread
ground beef
hot pepper (aji chombo)

First you make the dough, salt, butter and water, then allowed to stand for several minutes while in a pot to cook the meat with onion,stale bread, hot pepper (ají chombo) and spices to taste, once ready should grind meat. After that the dough is cut into small pieces with a rolling pin is pulled and filled with meat mixture. After filling the dough, and closes with a fork spins at the edges into the shape of pie, are placed in the oven until golden brown and ready to serve.
El plantin tat is a piesimilar to the Patty just that instead of meat filling, it is a filling of ripe plantain.
ripe banana
red dye plant

Knead the flour with butter, salt and water is allowed to stand while the dough in a pot to cook the ripe banana mashed with a fork before you add the sugar, vanilla and food coloring if you want a nut about nutmeg orcinnamon, boil it until it forms a paste.
After that the dough is cut into small pieces with a rolling pin is pulled and filled with a mixture of plantain. Once the dough is filled and closed, put a fork spins at the edges into the shape of pie and a little prick with a knife to vote steam.
Place in oven until golden and ready to serve.


Rondón also has its etymology: it is a stock thatis supposed to be eaten a little, that is to run down, hence its name. This is the Bocas dish par excellence, a white juice, thick, with flavors of tropical forest. May accompany a cold beer, or if preferred, with a white wine.

3 coconuts
2 coriander leaves
5 sweet peppers or 1 green pepper
1 hot pepper
10 green bananas
2 pounds yuca
2 pounds otoe
2 pounds Dachine
2 poundsñampí
2 green plantains, 1 for domplín
1 fruit bread
1 / 2 cup flour
3 pounds of fish, it is better if snapper, which has tougher meat


Coconuts are grated, the end is added a half liter of water to bran, expresses it in a pan or pot large enough. Put the milk to boil for 5 to 7 minutes with their chopped seasonings and salt. Then you add the vegetables are harder to cook,...
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