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By Elle Newmark

Table of contents

Introduction 3

Main characters 4

Secondary characters 4

Setting 5

Summary 6

Opinion 8

Biography 9Introduction

My book tells the story of a common street orphan named Luciano who is found by a great chef that gives him the chance to be his apprentice. In the journey Luciano finds himself serving tovery important and respected people in the city. While this happens he learns plenty of things, including the rumor of a book that contains powerful things as immortality or a love potion. Lucianocan’t help but think where the book is, how to get it, and the troubles he will be getting into…

Main characters
1) Luciano- Luciano’s the top main character. He’s the orphaned boy taken by the greatChef Ferrero and soon becomes his apprentice. He’s the one that discovers the secrets of the book and who really has it. And he witnesses murders and other things that helps him discover the truth.
2)Chef Ferrero- He’s the one that takes in Luciano. He teaches Luciano different recipes and how to combine species, to create with seductive ingredients. He too, hides a dangerous secret. The one thingeveryone talks, wants and desire.
Secondary characters

1) Marco- He was once a loyal friend to Luciano. He pushes Luciano to doubt of the Chef. But the urge and strong desire to hold the powersof the book, gets him to betray Luciano.
2) Domingo- He is the loyal of friend of Luciano until the very end. He always thanked him and respected him. In the end, he helps Luciano and the Chef toescape.


The book takes place in the city of Venice. A city located in Italy. Venice was a very important center of commerce (especially silk, grain and spice trade) and art in the 13thcentury up to the end of the 17th century. The time is 1498, the dawn of the Renaissance.



The story begins with a common street orphaned boy. He dreamt about going to the...