Book review. roal dahl. more tales of the unexpected

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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2011
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Title | More tales of the unexpected |
Author | Roald Dahl |
Genre | Fiction short stories |
THE SETTING AND THE PLOT: As each story is set up in a different place I willmention it in the brief summary of each plot.
1. “Poison”. It is the story of a man who is pretty frightened lying in his bed, very quiet, sweating, and whispering for help because he believed thatthere was a snake on his stomach.
2. “The Sound Machine”. It is the story of a man who likes to make sound inventions in his free time, so the setting is mostly in his garden shed. One day he inventeda sound machine with which he could hear the low-pitched or high-pitched sounds that he human ear can’t hear.
3. “Georgy Porgy”. It is the story of an insane local church Reverend who due to atraumatic fact happened in his childhood, couldn’t stand with the only idea of doing something with women. But one day something happened and he’s become totally mad so that he had to be locked in amental hospital.
4. “Genesis and Catastrophe”. This story occurs in a German hospital where a small weak baby was born. His mother, Frau Hitler, was planning call him Adolfus. Although, she was verymiserable and frightened because of the death of her three previous babies and she was thinking the same would happen again. His father, Her Hitler, wished had had stronger children but they neverseem to be good enough for him. After a while, he accepted the child as a result of his wife’s praying for the child was allowed to live.
5. “The Hitch-hiker”. It is the story of a driver, so thesetting is on the high way to London. The driver’s car was in that way when he found a hitch-hiker, he stopped and the man got in the car. They were talking about jobs and the hitch-hiker told him thatthe secret of life was to become very good at something that’s very hard to do. Later on, the hitch-hiker had the opportunity of demonstrating how skilled he was with his fingers.
6. “The...
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