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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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The angel horde appears,
In the horizon cloaked with shining white.
In thousands they came for the war,
That would become the final battle and greatest ofthem all.
The trumpets of God they are blown,
And the angels are pulling their swords.
What god's army did not know,
were that I had awakened the thirteenwarlords.

Of hell.

The angels moved towards the fortress,
Thinking they had a chance.

Their invasion started from the east,
With soldiers carryingleather slings.
Running towards their own doom,
Now in the eternal fire they forever are consumed.

The sun shall turn to darkness,
And the moon into blood.Before the great and terrible day
When my judgment comes.

Angel flesh impaled, it is so beautiful.
Feathers falling down, over the bloodstained ground.The painful angels scream, sweet music to my ears.
It's like a dream,
Trucido Christianese.

Now the angels attacked with full force,
But their front, wereslain with no remorse.
Angel’s blood soon covered the ground,
One thirteen was attacking from behind.
I strike upon them with all my hate,
Soon they allknow it is too late.
Realize they all will die,
When my archers hatred are covering the sky.
With the ancients by our side,
Without fear of god his army westride.
If only the angels could tell,
The pain that they felt, when I released the flames of hell.

The sun will never rise, darkness will rule supreme.
Ourrightful throne reclaimed, 1000 years from this day.
The coming of our lord, soon again he'll walk the earth.
It is like a dream, Trucido Christianize.
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