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1. The context is informal, the people are relaxed and calm when talking, people try to be nice to anyone.
2. In la costa where I live, people say hello in different ways. People usehello, how are you?, how have you been?, what is new?.
3. People say “eat” for any meal, they don´t usually say take breakfast, lunch or diner
4. People is always smiling, so it is easy to noticewhen someone is angry or in a bad mood.
5. We move our hands when we speak
6. People raise the voice when talking
7. A woman say hello to a man or woman with a kiss on the chew and a man say hello toa woman with a kiss on the chew and say hello to a man with a hug or by shaking hands.

The context is a house party. The participants are all men and women. The guests interact with allpeople they know or they meet there. This situation has a medium level of formality, It depends on the person you are talking with, if the person has an old relationship the level of formality is verylow, but if the relationship is short the formality is higher, but the level of formality is not as high as a conversation with a judge would be. In this situation I can talk to a woman or man.Generally, the conversation with a woman would be more formal than with a man. With a man, I could change my vocabulary and use more impolite words, however it is different when talking to a woman becausewomen are more delicate than a man and they can get upset.

With a man or group of men, a person can use impolite words and he doesn´t have to moderate his language. A man has to show respect whentalking to a woman. However, it can be different when the woman is one of my best friends or it is my girlfriend. In that case woman can be tolerant when I say impolite words

If there are old peoplein the party people try to moderate their vocabulary due to the respect that those people represent.

Taking into account all I said before, I will have to compare the different situations that I...
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