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DOSH Directive Department of Labor and Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health Keeping Washington safe and working


Commercial Diving Operations
Date: January 10, 2012


Purpose The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued CPL 02-00-151, effective June 13, 2011, to provide enforcement guidance to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards related tocommercial diving operations. This DOSH Directive establishes inspection procedures and enforcement policy in support of the OSHA CPL, which is included in this Directive.


Scope and Application This Directive applies to all DOSH enforcement and consultation activities involving commercial diving activities, subject to the scope of Chapter 296-37 WAC, Commercial Diving Operations.

III.References OSHA CFR 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart TCommercial Diving Operations 29 CFR Part 1910, General Industry Standards 29 CFR Part 1915, Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment 29 CFR Part 1917, Maritime Terminal Standards 29 CFR 1918, Longshoring Standards 29 CFR Part 1926, Construction Industry Standards Comparable WISHA Standards Chapter 296-37 WAC, CommercialDiving Operations Chapter 296-800 WAC, Safety and Health Core Rules Chapter 296-304 WAC, Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Shipbreaking Chapter 296-56, Longshore, Stevedore and Waterfront related Operations Chapter 296-56, Longshore, Stevedore and Waterfront related Operations Chapter 295-155, Safety Standards for Construction

DOSH Directive 22.85 IV. Enforcement Policy

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A. DOSHCompliance Officers and Consultants are expected to refer to OSHA CPL 02-00151 (included with this directive), paying particular attention to Sections XII.A thru XII.R, and Appendices A thru I, for guidance on the elimination of workplace hazards in commercial diving employment. B. DOSH Compliance Officers and Consultants must ensure that employers are in compliance with all aspects of medicalscreening requirements as required by WAC 296-37-525, Medical Requirements, and must take appropriate action if the employer is found deficient in this area. C. DOSH Compliance Officers and Consultants must ensure that employers’ hoisting gear used in diving operations is inspected and certified in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 296-56 WAC (as required by WAC 296-37-510(4)). D. DOSHCompliance Officers and Consultants must ensure that employers claiming the scientific diving exemption as allowed for under WAC 296-37-590 are accurately applying the exemption. Once all four criteria are met, the employer must have a scientific diving program meeting the requirements of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), or an equivalent body. E. Commercial diving jurisdictionalguidance is available in the OSHA Region X Jurisdiction Guide, and can be complicated. The most important aspect of determining who has jurisdiction is based on where divers enter the water.  If divers enter the water from a vessel or a boat, they are most likely under OSHA’s jurisdiction.  If divers enter the water from the shore or a fixed structure like a pier or a dock, they are most likelyunder DOSH’s jurisdiction. V. Technical Support If questions, problems or concerns arise, compliance officers should contact their respective supervisors first and then their regional managers, as appropriate. For further technical information or assistance with the rule or with this directive, please contact the Maritime Safety Compliance Specialist at (360) 902-4956. VI. CPL 02-01-151, 29 CFR 1910,Subpart T, Commercial Diving Operations The entire OSHA CPL 02-00-151 is included below in this Directive.

Approved: Michael Silverstein, MD., Assistant Director Division of Occupational Safety and Health Department of Labor and Industries

DIRECTIVE NUMBER: CPL 02-00-151 EFFECTIVE DATE: June 13, 2011 SUBJECT: 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart T – Commercial Diving Operations ABSTRACT Purpose:...
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