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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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Case # 1 Marketing
Build a Bear: Build a Memory


Build-A-Bear Workshop is an American retailer that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers go through an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of their choice is assembled and customized during their visit to the store; Build-a-Bear is currently the largest chain that operates in this style. The company hasits headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has been acclaimed for the quality of its working environment, especially as a workplace for teenagers. Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. owns and operates more than 150 stores in 35 states in the United States and three provinces in Canada. Retail store developments in Europe and Asia occur through franchise agreement. Build-A-Bear Workshop offers aunique retail entertainment experience in providing children of all ages an opportunity to participate in the creation of a personalized teddy bear or other stuffed animal.
Every element of the store design was intended to delight children under the age of 12. The store entrance is flanked by two life-size bear figurines, a boy and a girl; they hold large sewing needles and wear thimbles forhats. Vibrant yellow-gold and red-orange colors dominate the store interior and bins holding the toy animal skins are shaped like spools of thread.
The first Build-A-Bear Workshop opened in the St. Louis Galleria in October 1997 with immediate success. The toys were popular with teenagers and young couples, as well as families with children.
In the process of developing a retail entertainmentconcept for children, Clark visited toy factories and children's retail stores, put together a list of ideas, and then consulted the experts: children. Clark consulted first with the children of a friend, then formed an advisory board of 20 children, ages six to 14, and showed them three of her ideas. The decision to pursue the Build-A-Bear concept emerged from the board's enthusiasm, combined withClark's personal preference for teddy bears and the high profit margin for stuffed animals.
One aspect of successful sales involved the company's responsiveness to customer feedback. Build-A-Bear learned about customer preferences and changed the product mix accordingly. New products focused more directly on the workshop experience, eliminating the greeting cards and the photo booth, and adding freshchoices to an expanded line of teddy bear-sized apparel and accessories. The company diversified its product selection by offering different animals, including horses, dogs, cats, and turtles, as well as limited-edition animals for holidays and nonprofit fundraising. A changing selection of prerecorded sound chips fit product offerings. In addition, the company introduced sound chips that allowedcustomers to record personal messages.

People Involved

Maxine Clark: Twenty-five years of experience in retail management prepared founder Maxine Clark for the creation and successful implementation of the Build-a-Bear Workshop concept. In pursuing entrepreneurial success, Clark sought to bring creativity into the retail environment and to involve children in a fun, tactile, and interactiveretail experience.
One of the retail world's most innovative thinkers, she is known for taking a successful product and making it momentous.

It was the only mind in charge of taking the project forward, using their experience to return a unique and different idea, bringing the concept of selling toys of children to an experience that lets you use your creative talents and to stimulate thesame kind of thinking creative children, wanted to create a business that not only achieve economic gains but also succeeded in leaving a trace in the mind of every customer.
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The added value we see in this famous CEO is mainly based on the firm belief of his good ideas and always follow the concept that it was the best, always looking not only have a toy store but...
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