Building aluminum gutters

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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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Building aluminum gutters
These days aluminum gutters for house, at least in the U.S., are mostly built to order, one-site at the house rolls of materials are brought to the job site, where theyare cut to length, end caps are formed, and the gutters are installed. A plant in the Midwest makes much of the material that installer use-the rolls of painted aluminum. While these rolls of aluminumare not complex, there is variation in the width of the gutter, the length, and the colors. They also are packaged in different boxes, depending on the costumer.
This company originally adopted thebuild to order model. Deliveries were mostly made on time, but the process of getting raw materials, scheduling operations, building the product, moving the finished goods to a warehouse, and thenshipping the goods from the dozen or so shopping docks was chaotic, to say the least. There was inventory everywhere. Yet the plant regularly was short of critical materials needed for the gutters ordered.Costs of expediting shipments to large costumers were getting higher. People were added and laid off with regularity. A big problem was the seasonality of the business. Big box warehouse store likeHome depot bought large quantities of gutters in the springs and early summer and then business dropped dramatically for the rest of the year. So large number of temporary workers were added in thepeak season.
Construcción de canaletas de aluminio

Estos días las canaletas de aluminio para la casa, al menos en los EE.UU., son en su mayoría construidos a la orden, un sitio en laslistas de la casa de los materiales son llevados al lugar de trabajo, donde se cortan a la longitud, tapas de los extremos se forman, y los canales de la están instalados. Una planta en el Medio Oestehace que gran parte del material que utiliza el instalador de rollos de aluminio pintado. Si bien estos rollos de aluminio no son complejos, hay una variación en el ancho del arroyo, la longitud, y...
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