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1. Surface manifestations are those that can be seen by a large range of stakeholders, Organizational values are located below the surface manifestations of organizational methods, and basicassumptions are the organization’s culture.
2. A power culture is one where there is a central source of power, in role culture, decisions are made through established rules, task culture power is given tothose who can accomplish tasks, and person culture is where one group of people have an expertise.
3. Organizational culture is able to give to the company the values, attitudes, beliefs, meanings andnorms by which the company should function.
4. A culture gap can hold back a business because it can affect the way people look at the business, if everyone is aiming towards the same culture gap.5. On staff motivation it can have direct effect. It can affect the way in which staff treats each other. Motivation is likely to be greater if each individual worker respects each other. Onorganizational structures it could also have an impact. Usually, the hierarchy is likely to be somewhat flat, so in many businesses there is likely to be little scales of management.
6. Five advantagescould be that it provides sense of identity to the workers, workers identify with other employees, it increases the commitment of employees, it motivates workers in their jobs, and it helps toreinforce the values.
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1. Five factors that can cause change in a business are market changes, consumer tastes, legislation, changes in the workforce, and changes in the economy.
2. It mayaffect market research because as change occurs, it affects the current markets, and therefore different targets need to be set. It affects research and development because as everything changes, sodoes technology, and people desire whatever is new, and not to be left behind in technology.
3. It is important for a business to manage change because that way they are able to adapt to what the...
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